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VOLUME 1: News From Martins' Maker Space

It would be fun to give you this first issue of our newsletter in front of this Craftsman fireplace in full size.  Gustav Stickley was a maker; his work and philosophy inspires our miniature Craftsman method of making  furniture and accessories through every step of the process. 
We make more than miniature reproduction Craftsman furniture.  But we strive to make everything to the best of our ability.  We choose the best materials for each item.  Quality and craftsmanship are as important to each of us as it was to the original Craftsman working with Gustav Stickley. 
Our workshop is filled with woodworking tools, a laser cutter, computers, miniature sanding and wood finishing tools, upholstery fabric, sewing items, lots of types of glue, resource books, paint and more paint, wood finish, a gold and white cat named Sunshine and so much more. 
It takes a lot to make even the smallest items. 
We will bring highlights of each collection to your attention each month.  We will keep you informed of new items, sales, discounts, workshops and shows we will have tables at.   


Weaving your own miniature items give your dollhouse a custom décor .  You control the size, texture, material, color, and design.  How great is that?   
If you are already a weaver one of our looms may give you the tool you have been searching for.  If you are new to weaving, it does not take a lot of time to learn.  With a little practice and patience you will be pleased with your projects. 
We have yarn for sale.  Finding the correct yarn to weave with is sometimes difficult.  Mary searched at fiber fests, yarn shops and other sources to find yarn that is the right size and appropriate for making miniature rugs,  Our yarn is sold on spools in yardage appropriate for use on our looms.  There are yarn lengths appropriate for the rug body and smaller amounts to use for accent colors. 
Other sizes of looms, other kits and other project patterns will be available soon.  Watch for notifications if you subscribe to the newsletter.  Or you  will be able to discover more products at our sales table. 

Gardens are always on Mary’s mind.  It doesn’t matter what season it is, nor does it matter what the weather is like.  Miniature gardens can always be in bloom! 
You can find assembled, finished and decorated garden projects on our sales table, on our website or at a show.  Or you may want to purchase a kit.   
There are also many garden accessories available for your miniature gardening needs.   
There are even things for the miniature birds.  Birdhouses and accessories are available in 1:12 and 1:24 scale.   
Visit the miniature garden collection to enjoy mini gardening.


The Craftsman Collection is expanding.  We still make the furniture from oak, mahogany or walnut wood.  We still make furniture in 1:12 or 1:24 scale.  We still make miniature reproduction furniture from Gustav Stickley patterns. The news is that we are producing more items.  We are planning furniture for more rooms, such as the bedroom or an office.   
Let us know if you have a request or idea for specific furniture to place in a Craftsman home or display room box.   
Future plans also include more accessory pieces created to add to the Craftsman décor. 
As we make more items we will highlight them on the website and in our newsletter. 
We are bringing back the grandfather clock. The ones we had been making had wristwatch clock works and allow a working clock.  They still will. 

Acrylic is cut in our workshop using a laser cutter.  We make acrylic cases, case covers, display stands, business card holders and  doll cases. 
Although we  display various acrylic products on our sales table at miniature shows there is a demand for custom sizes.  That is expected and you may ask for a custom  order form at a show or fill one out online.  There is a form on our web site that you may complete to receive an estimate via email. 
We do make custom projects also.  Just talk to Dave at the show table or give him a call to discuss your plan.  We have traveled to museums to measure, discuss the project and then create and install acrylic protection for large projects. 
Requests for specialty looms are welcome.  A smaller loom in acrylic or wood has been requested for schools and craft studios. 
Dave will help you decide if we are able to create your item.   


Thank You 

We would love to hear from you.  We will strive to bring you news and highlights from our workshop.  Is there something we did not offer that you feel would beneficial?   
In future issues you may find highlighted items that missed your attention.  You may find a resource we offer that has been difficult to find. Did that happen?  Is there an item we should offer? 

We appreciate your feedback.

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