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Thank you Sue Veeder for our tiny cats!

Visit her at

Mitten and Sunshine have been created in miniature by Sue Veeder How delightful to Be able to include our pets in scenes we create on our website. They are both rescue cats; Mitten was rescued by Dave and Mary through an organization in Virginia while Sunshine found his way to our home in Ohio on an exceptionaly hot August day to be rescued. Both found forever homes with us.

Miniature Arch and Cat

Thank you Little Things of Interest

Visit  at

Terri of Little Things of Interest has been sharing books with us to fill our empty bookcases, reference stands, lecterns, library tables, and really any place that needs a few books to complete the scene.

At, there are many scales and choices of books. You will certainly be able to find your favorite book in miniature, and if not, simply ask about a custom order.

Reference Stand with Books
Reference Stand and Books
Cat on Desk
Cat in Grass
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