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We are a family-owned business located in rural Ohio. Our workshop and our home are located on land from our family’s farm. Mary grew up watching the fields being plowed by actual horsepower. The windmill pumped water for the horses and cows in the pastures. A lot of craftsmanship was displayed in filling the needs of the farm work and family.

Today our workshop is located in a revitalized three-bay auto body shop that was built and operated by Mary’s father. We have a solar array that provides the power we need to supply our daily needs and run the technology used to create our products.

Craftsmanship is still alive as we make our ideas come to life through designs that start on paper and transform into digital graphics. The graphic forms the basis for a prototype to be cut on our laser cutter. Our products are made of a variety of materials, mostly hardwoods, and acrylic. Most pieces are prepared, assembled, and finished by hand. New techniques and tools are always being tested and added to our workflow.

Our workshop is filled with wood, acrylic, and a variety of tools to allow us to create our products. We love crafting quality items and fulfilling custom orders for people.

These processes blend years of experience and talent brought to us by knowledge and interest in arts, crafts, and technology. We are happy to create miniatures that provide a sense of craftsmanship and quality to our customers.

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